1. To work with us you need an approval from our team, after that we will run a software on your website that will extract the data from each of your items including title*, description*, shipping price, condition, price* and images*.

  2. After that we will setup auctions in a few websites of our distribution network based on out sales strategy, like liveauctioneers, invaluable, auctionzip, icollectors, proxibid platform and invaluable for a first try, after that we will invest in adwords campaigns, banners and tiles in reputable art and antique websites and based on your choices we can also list in some cases in websites like eBay, 1stdibs, rubylane,  and several others. Several other options are available after that in a distribution network that has more than 20 reputable websites and a very long mail list, comprehending a possibility of millions of online viewers. Most of these online auctions from the first stage will work with absentee bids and will end with a live auction ran by our professional auctioneer. Such auctions can be watched and appreciated by you.

  3. You will not need to stop selling in your own venues since we will send you a spreadsheet very near to the end of the auction and you will be able to remove any items even at the same day that auction takes place.

  4. When a sale is made you will receive your payment including the shipping price presented in your original item page and you will be asked to ship the item and provide a tracking number so we can inform the client.

  5. We will answer most questions made by potential buyers for you also but we will sometimes need to redirect more complicated questions to your email address so you can send us an answer, the same procedure will occur if an offer is made by a potential buyer.

  6. You are probably wondering what is our gain in this business proposal, we will only charge a buyer’s premium from the buyer (not you) and they will send it directly it to you so you can redirect it to us after you confirm that the item was delivered and accepted. It is your choice. This buyer’s premium will usually vary between 15% – 21% to cover advertisement for your items and provide our profit. That is why we choose wisely which auction house we would like to represent. You get 100% of your hammer price.

  7. We will not charge a commission from and no fees for our service, so there are no risks involved for you as the seller. There aren’t any hidden or upfront fees to use this service.

Please send email to contact@maisonmeninauctions.com if you wish to proceed!